PDF to TIFF – Convert PDF files to multi-page TIFF images

XFINIUM.PDF 5.1 brings support for native PDF to TIFF conversion. What this means is that we implemented a full TIFF encoder so that this functionality is now available on all platforms.
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XFINIUM.PDF as a Portable Class Library

XFINIUM.PDF 4.0 has been released a few days ago and it brings support for a very requested feature: support for Portable Class Libraries. The XFINIUM.PDF product is now available also as a ┬áPortable Class Library in the form of Xfinium.Pdf.Pcl.dll assembly. Continue reading “XFINIUM.PDF as a Portable Class Library”

Create and fill PDF forms in .NET

XFINIUM.PDF library can both create new PDF forms and fill existing PDF forms.
Each type of form fields supported in the PDF specification is represented by the corresponding class:

  • PdfTextBoxField – textbox fields
  • PdfCheckBoxField – checkboxes
  • PdfRadioButtonField – sets of radiobuttons
  • PdfComboboxField – comboboxes
  • PdfListboxField – listboxes
  • PdfPushbuttonField – push buttons
  • PdfSignatureField – signature fields

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